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What is tyepyedong?

Pronounced tye-pye-dong, with the meaning ‘a place to eat without the fuss’, tyepyedong noodle bar is an independent family run restaurant based on Sidwell Street in Exeter. We base ourselves on over 20 years experience in the catering industry, in-particular Chinese cuisine. At tyepyedong we have taken an approach new to Exeter, oriental fusion food - a mix of Japanese and Chinese food with other Asian influences.

At tyepyedong we serve not only noodles but also a variety of rice dishes to suit everyone's palette. With all meals cooked fresh to order, the chef would be more than happy to modify a dish to your preference with typical examples being “...but with no prawns” or “...extra spicy”.

To book call 01392 251888.

Tyepyedong food...

A new way of eating, Oriental fusion food served at Exeter’s first noodle bar. As well as cooking all your meals fresh from order, we do not believe in the use of artificial flavourings, otherwise known as monosodium glutamate (MSG), or adding colouring to your food, whilst at the same time stressing to our suppliers to provide us with GM-free ingredients. We try our best to ensure that your food is of the highest quality.

Noodles are cooked in three different ways, they can be served in broth as soups, stir-fried in a wok or boiled and served like spaghetti with the ingredients stir-fried in sauce and carefully layered on-top. The soups are cooked the authentic Chinese way so it is worth remembering that it may not be quite what you expect!

We also offer our customers a takeaway service. All the meals and side orders are all discounted. Anything liquid based (e.g. soups) are not available for take-away.


Tyepyedong Noodle Bar

175 Sidwell Street



01392 251888

Opening Hours...

Our opening hours are as follows:

Monday             12pm - 3pm        5pm - 11pm

                           Last orders 10pm

Tuesday            12pm - 3pm        5pm - 11pm

                          Last orders 10pm

Wednesday      12pm - 3pm        5pm - 11pm

                          Last orders 10pm

Thursday          12pm - 3pm        5pm - 11pm

                         Last orders 10pm

Friday               12pm - 3pm        5pm - 11pm

                         Last orders 10.30pm

Saturday          12pm  - 11pm

                         Last orders 10.30pm

Sunday             12pm - 9.30pm


Opening all Bank Holidays unless stated otherwise